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Why do People enjoy having Sex in Public

One of the most amazing acts for people to take part in, is sexual intercourse. It’s considered the greatest physical activity for humans and the most pleasurable. Truth is sex makes people do crazy things such as doing it in public. Although many have some sort of fantasy which involves outdoor sex, that’s as far as they take it. However, there are others who go a step further and actually do it. For them, the thrill is enough to make it all worthwhile. In many cases, engaging in regular sex just won’t do. So why exactly do people enjoy having sex in public? More importantly, why do they risk being seen or caught?

Sex is much like rollercoaster rides; the thrill of it is often the best part. It’s why the envelope continues to be pushed by individuals all the time. They always do stuff to take their sexual experiences to the next level. Humans love taking part in situations they are not supposed to engage in. At the same time, they enjoy taking things they’re not supposed to have. Much like the forbidden fruit, outdoor sex falls in the same category. Having sex when you’re not supposed to is exhilarating, arousing and amazing. Those elements are the same involved with public sex.

Taking risks when having sex, leads to better and more intensified orgasms for many who do it. There are numerous mainstream movies and Television shows showcasing people having sex in public places. Some do it in bathrooms, planes, hallways or parks. Whenever individuals become aroused and horny, there is no stopping them. Once the urges kick in, the excitement becomes too strong to ignore. Common sense flies out the window as hormones and impulses take over.

Public sex main appeal, is the risk involved in it. That thrill of getting caught is in itself worth the gamble. Exhilaration and arousal combined together, are a force too strong to walk away from. Interestingly enough, there is scientific evidence to support public sex. That means it is more than something done only for emotional reasons. Much like drugs, excitation levels spike dramatically in the brain. The amount of pleasure a person thinks and feels they will obtain, increases as well. Some compare it to having an affair or having sex with someone you are not supposed to.

For a long time, sex had been literally kept under the covers. However, over the years, people have been experimenting and begun to be more open about sex in general. That includes how often they have sex, with whom and where. Proof can be seen by the many homemade porn movies found online today. These amateur sex videos showcase individuals having sexual intercourse. While not all are in public places, they are done for attention. It is basically the same thing since the private sphere to which sex had been relegated to, is gone.

Anyone who takes part in outdoor sex will tell you how exciting and fulfilling it is for them. They will also attest to how freeing, arousing and empowering it also is. Minute things such as the sound of other people nearby play a big role. So does the feeling of fresh air or making too much noise when having public sex. Numerous couples want to do away with the monotony in their lives. Specifically when it pertains to their sex lives. Sexual fantasies come into play in most instances of outdoor sex. Some do it in a moment of passion which completely takes over them.

One must also remember that there are a ton of people who are exhibitionists. Being watched is what satisfies them and makes them do what they do. Sexual show-offs have no qualms about pleasing voyeurs. People enjoy sex in public because the brain also tells them so. During the outdoor sex, neurohormone dopamine is released by the brain. That same hormone is found in other exciting moments. Things like exercising, bungee jumping, riding in a fast car render the same results.

Our desire levels are affected by dopamine. So are the arousal levels in the majority of folks. All of them combine to make us feel good inside. Plus, we live in a time where instant gratification is tantamount. Most people are doing whatever they want and can, to be happy. Things which were once considered too wild, far out or crazy, are becoming normal. At least to more people than in the past. Recent surveys show that more folks are admitting to having outdoor sex than ever before. Overall, about 27% of millennials admit to having sex in public at least once.

Clearly, society is changing to the point where people are putting their own sexual gratification first. Even when it means taking a risk that they otherwise would never do. Remember that next time you see someone having outdoor sex.