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Review of 7 Red Casino

If you could credibly level one basic critique at many online casino websites, it would likely have nothing to do with the general range of games, sign-up bonuses (or lack thereof), or community components. In comparison, it is more than probable that it has to do with instant peace of mind.

There is much to be argued for brightly colored and cartoonish elements in terms of visual enjoyment, but less in terms of perceived seriousness and security. Numerous online casinos appear content to focus exclusively on the entertainment aspect—busy, neon-hued landing pages—or appear to have forgotten that web design has advanced significantly since the early-noughties—still sporting basic homepages, fooling visitors into believing that they are only interested in the pages beyond this initial introduction.

7 Red is not affected by any of those issues. Clearly intended at a more adult customer, the backdrop picture — a sweeping vista over the Las Vegas cityscape – demonstrates that this is pitching itself as a serious, rather than a frivolous, chance to win large. Not that there’s any question about how hilarious some of the stuff you may play on will be — the centre of the page has thumbnail covers for games that appear interesting, fun, and quite enticing. Additionally, there are highlighted current discounts below, as well as some of the most popular game front covers.

Further down, the following phrase encapsulates everything: ‘Get ready for an unforgettable Las Vegas adventure with’ Discuss the concept of an intent statement.

Nonetheless, the most striking design choices are the aforementioned shot of America’s gambling capital, a sophisticated woman wearing a bowler hat and cigar (possibly Cuban now that the embargo has been lifted), and the logo-cum-crest at the very top of the page, which is more Bentley Mulsanne than Ford Ka. As a consequence, we instantly feel at rest knowing we are dealing with, and being handled with by, specialists. This is before to the bank and transaction security logos that appear down the bottom of the screen.

Offers and Additional Information

Although is all about flair and sophistication, it is also no stranger to promotions.

There is a direct £100 bonus upon registration, albeit this is contingent on a 100% match of your first deposit, up to £100 or the equivalent amount in US dollars and euros.

Numerous Alternatives

Bonuses are all well and good, but what will really attract and retain gamers is having amazing games. not only provides a large range, but also a collection that is cutting-edge in terms of technology and trends.

Slots and video slots are available, as are card and table games, poker, and progressive jackpots. Additionally, there is a totally distinct sort option that enables you to see just games that are exclusive to this casino, which includes some excellent titles. By and large, it’s reasonable to assume that it’ll take a long time (and a lot of hours) to exhaust even the Card and Table possibilities, so you can imagine how deep the selections may go.

As usual, Slots and Video Slots give some of the finest quick gratification, but some sites have more specialized titles. There are a disproportionate amount of conventional or serious, less amusing titles than one would expect, but it simply contributes to 7Red’s overall USP and appeal — this is not a place for foolishness, while there is plenty of fun to be had with the stylized content. Wizard’s Castle and Reel Outlaws stood out in particular, with the latter’s three-reel, Wild West-inspired gameplay being as visually spectacular as it is engaging to play. Anyway, digressions aside, this casino boasts one of the greatest game collections we’ve encountered.

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